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The Winners Of Our 2023 Summer Science and Technology Training Program

As a continuation of our Intern program that began in 2022, Automate 2 Inspire (A2I) has selected this year’s recipients for our Summer Science and Technology Training Program.

A2I strives to develop STEM-like education giving young people skills that make them more competitive to meet the next generation of computer science and engineering demands.

What is the Summer Science and Technology Training Program?

The A2I Summer Science and Technology Training Program, 2023, exposes interns to a range of experiences including online education and hands-on work using cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and search engine optimization technology.

Please welcome Brandon Bach & Rachel Bach to our digital marketing community…and yes, they are brother and sister!

Who are the Winners of the Summer Science and Technology Training Program 2023?

Brandon Bach will be a freshman at the University of Central Florida majoring in Business Management. Brandon’s qualifications are Finance and Technology with a special interest in AI and marketing. Brandon has found success in day trading with average returns of 25% on his portfolio. Brandon will focus on learning Salesforce Marketing Cloud and mastering ChatGPT to publish blogs.

Rachael Bach is a senior at the University of Florida, majoring in Management and minoring in Mass Communication and Retailing. Rachel’s qualifications include experience in search engine optimization (SEO) for Retail Systems and the impact digital marketing has on a business's growth online. Rachel will focus on building SEO implementation strategies for the next iteration of our A2I web site launch happening this summer.

The Spirit of the Summer Science and Technology Training Program

Automate 2 Inspire continues to support the next generation of scientific marketers through our internships, our rich resource library online and our AskNya training videos. To learn more or apply to next year’s internships, please visit our contact us page.



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