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  • Kimberly Prescott

Why Email Doesn’t Work Anymore?

Email is dead. Okay, that may sound counterintuitive or even completely inaccurate to some, but, let us explain. Emails in and of themselves are not the answer to customer engagement. Sending out batch and blast emails without personalization or thoughtful consideration to segments, personas or buying cycle is at best, a shot in the dark. This is what we mean by email doesn’t work anymore. So, what makes a great email program? Let’s investigate the five things you can do right now to increase email engagement and conversions.

How to Make Email Work for Your Company in Five Steps

1. Segment your Audience. Remember, your audience is not all the same. Even in specific verticals, you will have different needs at the manager level vs. the C-level individual. For consumer, your elderly will need a different look and feel versus the millennial. Taking the time to segment your audience and understand what matters to them is super valuable and WILL increase audience engagement and conversion. 2. Consider the Offer. Too many times offers are sent out to a mass population that are meaningless. You know the type, you receive probably dozens if not hundreds daily of emails that feel like a stranger is trying to yell at you from the rooftops. Listen, don’t do this. Take the time to understand what matters to your audience and then provide an offer that has real value. A great example of this is the following: One company sent out an email A/B test with two offers. One offered 10% off. The other offered $100. Which worked? I am sure you can guess. While the offer was exactly the same, the latter one with a $100 off meant more to the consumer. How does the consumer know what is 10%? Another good tool with the offer is include a time-bound incentive. Make sure it is not open-ended. 3. Timing is everything. Make sure when you send your emails you test time of day/week to ensure you are optimizing the response rate. Remember, some systems automatically do this for you. Use timing to increase the conversion rates. 4. Use Nurturing. Many companies are still using the batch and blast method with crazy offers all week long. Consider a different approach—try using email to educate throughout the buyer’s journey rather than sell. Use email to inform, educate and be the thought leader. Keep your offers as special and less frequent. This gives you authority and more credibility when you do send an offer.

5. Use KPI’s to optimize. A lot of companies track email effectiveness by using opens, clicks and conversions. But, how many actually make this data into actionable testing? Have you tried video? A/B testing of offers? What about testing subject lines? Have you tested HTML vs. Text? See the following three statistics. Overall, understanding the user experience, their journey and meeting them where they are at on devices and timing is key. Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels, when done right! So, do it right and see the revenue conversions happen. Happy hunting... #emailmarketingbestpractices #emailthatworks

P.S. If you need support with your email marketing and want a team that drives real results, reach out for a chat. We don't charge anything to discuss your situation. If there is a fit, great we move forward, if not, we may both just gain some knowledge. Contact us here. Sources: 1. 2/

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