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World Series and Marketing Ops—Can you take the pressure?

Written by Kimberly Prescott

Date Published: Oct 21, 2021

During this time of year, many are anxiously awaiting who will win the division series and enter the world series in baseball. The last few games have been nail biters for fans, but what about the players? The players are all on their game, fighting every moment for success. The pressure these players feel during this time is like sitting in the role of marketing operations at many organizations. The marketing operations role is often the hot seat in many orgs. How do we, as marketing operations professionals, manage that stress and still succeed? Let’s take some lessons from the mound in this year’s division finals.

Step 1: It’s not personal.

While many of our colleagues take great pride in their roles as marketing operations professionals, it is often hard to remember that the pressures at work are not personal. Yes, we want to do our best, however, we must realize that our work doesn’t define us. If anything, it is the connections we make, the love we share and how we respond to pressure that will be lasting. Nobody will remember a mistake made today in a few months or years. In many organizations, like Baseball, it can seem daunting to make the slightest mistake as if the world series depended on us to hit the winning home run. It’s not and life will go on. Be gentle on yourself because nobody else will.

Step 2: Team like it is the world series.

When you are part of a marketing ops team, treat your teammates and those vested in your success in other parts of the org like the most important players on the playing field. Take the time to learn about the people who are on your team. Celebrate the milestones and ensure that you receive feedback. Listening to your team and giving them a voice will make the team stronger. Make sure you care about people first, then playing the game of marketing operations will be akin to a great world series game where you can bring home the running base hit every time.

Step 3: Let the Pressure Out.

Much like the pitcher last night in the Braves game, take a deep breathe when things get intense and relieve the pressure. Have an arsenal of tools you can use to keep the pressure at bay so you and your team can thrive. Here are some great ideas for relieving pressure that you can do alone or with teammates.

1. Take a walk around the outside of the building

2. Take 10 slow deep breathes

3. Have a daily reading that is positive to start the day

4. Keep inspirational signs about your office

5. Listen to some fun music

The pressure in marketing operations can be like a world series game daily but remember to take care of you and your team’s mental state first. Your team will thrive and so will you.

PS. If you need some support from a team who has been there and done that....feel free to reach out and have a no-fee consult. We are a team of consultants who have also served roles for worldwide marketing ops teams on staff. We offer a relatable approach that builds relationships over time. We have been told it's refreshing, but you be the judge. Contact us here.

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