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Data Architecture

Your Marketing Operations team is only as good as the data model you architect and maintain. Thus, your data architecture is of paramount importance. We focus on working with what you have, improving both your data quality and personal attributes in order to personalize the user experience in each interaction. Whether it is personalizing the cart experience, or doing a custom referral program with intensive personalized recommendations, we got you.

It's personal.

Enabling your marketing operations team to personalize each experience takes having the appropriate data architecture in place. It doesn't have to be hard, just thorough.


Understanding how data governance works within an organization is a topic of discussion with each of our clients. Most have never thought about having this role and team to monitor data quality and flow. We think about it. In fact, we obsess over it.

Quality vs. Qty

The ability to focus on the quality of data and understand each attribute and how it relates to specific use cases is one of our specialities. We partner with you to create a solid data model that can be grown into maturity.


Don't get fooled by duplicates. We have a keen understanding of how to cleanse data and keep it that way. Sometimes you need a specialized tool, but more often than not, if you find the root cause you can stop dupes from happening in the first place!

All Hands In
“A2I a pleasure for me to work with, and are natural leaders who know how to paint a future vision, then gently but decisively bring disparate teams--especially Sales, Marketing and Operations--together to move the ball forward.”

Alisa Groocock, Vice President Forrester Research

No Fee Consultation

We specialize in projects that are aligned with corporate strategy and user experiences that drive results.

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