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Data Scientists

Long ago, our management team realized we needed to include data scientists in our everyday work. By making data driven decisions, we empower our clients to have the data to back up their decisions. In this way, there is a power in the outcomes that cannot be had when acting only on gut instincts or past experiences. Let's draw on the actual data and derive our conclusions on facts not supposition.

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How Data Science Plays in MOPs

One of our clients recently thought it would be cool to try on the data science feature of our team. We took millions of rows of data and asked the tough questions from what are the most profitable products, to what are the best sellers in each segment. We asked many more questions including about site traffic, bounce rates, and user experience insights from the data. In doing so, we realized there were logical next best products we were able to create recommendations that were personalized based on buying patterns. Of course, this was all before AI took the forefront of technology. Nowadays, artificial intelligence makes this a snap. But, a few years back, this was cutting edge. #yourmarteconsultants


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