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SaaS Software

Software as a service has quickly become a strong demand over the past seven years. Especially with all the new AI, social media, and internet apps available, today understanding how to create demand, integrate all the various platforms used by SaaS companies and make them work for the user experience is truly a science and an art.

Mashery (bought by Intel)

We were hired to come in fast and hot as their entire MOPs team was poached. We quickly arrived on-site (prior to Covid-19) and assessed their systems and business model to keep demand rolling while they found their new team members. Our engagement lasted two years with it culminating in them receiving an offer from Intel. Yay team!!!

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FileMaker, an Apple Subsidiary (now Claris)

Hired to come in and work with sales and marketing teams to create a lead management playbook, implement into Salesforce Sales Cloud and Adobe Marketo. This project included lead management, campaign strategy, lead scoring, sales and opportunity workflows. Plus, we were able to help the team there create a common framework for terminology and definitions.

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Vindicia, an Amdocs Company

With the Vindicia team we provided campaign strategy and support to include configuring campaigns, nurtures and events inside of Adobe Marketo and ensuring tracking through to their Salesforce ecosystem. We also helped them build a campaign attribution dashboard using declarative technology and standard Salesforce functionality that demonstrated contribution to revenue.

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We specialize in projects that are aligned with corporate strategy and user experiences that drive results.

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