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Automatic UTM Builder

Use this resource to build UTM's for tracking in an organized and consistent manner. Automated for ease of use.

Automated UTM Builder

Customer Lifecycle Template

Want to map your customer lifecycle? This template is a great starting point to get the creative juices flowing.

AskNya Customer Lifecycle Management Template

Campaign Naming Calculator

Consistent campaign naming conventions are more than just a nice to have. Having consistency in naming drives searchability, reporting and granularity in data. 

AskNya Campaign Naming Calculator

Spam Words List Tool

Wanna have a list of spam words to avoid in email marketing? Well, here it is at your beckon call.

Spam Words to Avoid

Onboarding Campaign Template

Take this template and make it your own. This onboarding campaign template enables you to have a framework for onboarding new customers to your product/site.

Sample Onboarding Campaign

eBook: Forensic Marketing Exposed

Uncover what is forensic marketing and understand how to implement a forensic study on any given problem.

AskNya Forensic Marketing eBook

eBook: Case of the Ghostly Leads

Find out how leads can go missing and how to uncover hidden place where leads hide in this specific case study.

AskNya eBook The Case of the Ghostly Leads

MOPs Data Dictionary

A great example of a MOPs data dictionary. Use as is or make it your own with data from your organization.

MOPs Data Dictionary

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