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The Role of Marketing Automation and Sales

An industry marketing operations leader once said, “Marketing automation is to sales as water is to humans.” It struck a chord with our team at Automate 2 Inspire while working heads down on an intense project. Three things immediately come to mind:

  • What is marketing’s responsibility to keep sales hydrated?

  • Why does quantity of leads dehydrate sales and make them more thirsty?

  • How does marketing keep sales hydrated?

Let’s explore the these questions in more depth.

3 Questions to Answer When Marketing Automation and Sales Intersect

Your marketing team is integral to the success of your sales and your sales team. But where do you draw the line? How do you ensure success? Let’s answer those questions below!

What is marketing’s responsibility to keep sales hydrated?

While good sales team members will always be hunting and gathering leads from a variety of sources, there is still a responsibility to keep leads flowing into sales consistently. This ability to send over reliable leads to the sales team is where many organizations fail. Why? Because many organizations are so focused on quantity of leads.

Why does quantity of leads dehydrate sales and make them more thirsty?

So, why doesn’t quantity of leads results in more sales? There are several reasons but the reality is that less is more in this scenario. Sending over mass quantities of unqualified leads creates noise and static for the sales team members.

What’s more, these large quantities of leads often result in a lack of confidence for the sales team to trust marketing. Thus, sending over quality is far more important. Without quality, it is equivalent to sending a thirsty man in the desert some coca cola that will dehydrate and only exacerbate the situation further. Let’s be smart and keep our sales teams hydrated. But how to do this?

How does marketing keep sales hydrated?

Plenty of water? Yes, in a matter of speaking. The water in this case is a firm commitment to partnering with the sales team. Here are some recommendations that can go a long way into creating confidence with your sales team members and keeping them hydrated in the process.

Bottom Line on the Relationship Between Marketing Automation and Sales

Taking these very basic steps is key toward hydrating your sales team will ensure the success of each team member in both marketing and sales while driving revenue for the company.



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